About the Institute

Magdalene M. Carney


Her friends called her Mag and she was, first and foremost, a teacher. Her own education began at George Peabody Teachers College in Tennessee. In 1975 she received a Ph.D. in education from the University of Massachusetts. She used her knowledge and skills to advance the Cause of God and especially the spiritual education of children and youth.

A devoted handmaid of Baha’u’llah, she served on the National Spiritual Assembly during the mass teaching efforts in the South. During those years she was tireless in her efforts to help the friends who poured into the South to teach the Faith. At any hour of the day or night Mag could be reached. She slept with a telephone at her side so she would not miss any call from a new believer or from anyone serving the friends. She traveled ceaselessly from city to city to teach and to deepen those who were new to the Faith.

She was appointed as a Counselor member of the International Teaching Centre serving at the Baha’i World Center where she continued to focus on the education and training of children and youth.

The Magdalene Carney Baha’i Institute is named in her honor and carries on her work with children and youth.

She passed away in 1991 and is laid to rest in the Baha’i Cemetery on Mount Carmel. The inscription on her resting place penned by the beloved Universal House of Justice reads:


Indomitable faith, unswerving devotion covenant,
selfless spirit , open candor, wholehearted commitment
education children and youth are among qualities
that will ever be associated with golden memories
her highly active life

Universal House of Justice


The Magdalene Carney Baha’i Institute (MCBI) is a non-profit community building organization providing educational and service programs to children, youth, and adults of all backgrounds. These programs are designed to empower individuals by developing their spiritual and intellectual capacities for the purpose of service to their community. The Institute serves communities in five States: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.


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